Live local.

The Makery was founded to highlight and support the wonderful makers that work in North Carolina. We believe people have a deep desire to buy local, they just need to know where to look. 

The Makery is a retail collective and community space for makers off all kinds: craftspeople, artists, writers, musicians, and indie businesspeople. We think making is a powerful act, and we aim to build a meaningful community around work we love. 

Learn how you can join the shop, or get involved in events. 

Krista Anne & Katie

Krista Anne & Katie

Here's our story.

The Makery at Mercury Studio is a collaboration between our two existing NC businesses: The Makery (Krista Anne Nordgren) and Mercury Studio (Katie DeConto). We opened the brick-and-mortar shop at 401 W Geer Street in February of 2014 and the fun hasn't stopped. We love helping people do the work they love and helping their community find and support it. Everyone wins.