3rd Friday with Bohemian Earth and Zoe Litaker

  • The Makery 401 West Geer Street Durham, NC, 27701 United States


Zoe Litaker is an artist and photographer who resides in Durham. In Bestiary, she breaks from the realism of the camera to travel to her own imagined "true" landscapes, inspired by great myths and legends of the world.  In this series, the Minotaur, Phoenix, and Unicorn gather together in intriguing re-interpretations of age old tales through paper collage, creating a contemporary Bestiary.


"My work is grounded in a love of fantastical stories and the belief that the imagined places in our minds are as real as the tangible world.  As Herman Mellville put it, “It is not down on any map; true places never are.” My collages cast their own shadows, they are my imagined landscapes, my own “true places,” and I invite you visit them."

Zoe Litaker




Bohemian Earth:

Bohemian Earth is the shop of Jameela F. Dallis where she presents her jewelry in one-of-a-kind, limited edition pieces that tell a narrative through adornment.  Each piece is inspired by great personalities like Frida Kahlo and Zora Neale Hurston and states of mind like "desire."  Jameela also uses her talents and insights in many ways.  She teaches literature and composition at an area university, has been painting and illustrating since childhood and is also a Tarot reader with 15 years experience, reading

weekly at Arcana in Durham.