The Makery // Retail Resident Memorandum of Understanding

This agreement describes an equal energy exchange between The Makery and the Retail Resident. I understand that I will be called upon to assist and be present for staffing, special projects, and group meetings. I commit to give my best effort to make my staffing shifts, and if I am unable to work, give my best effort to find coverage and/or notify Katie & Krista with as much lead time as possible. I understand that no meetings or homework are mandatory, and I will work on what is useful for me and my business. I will work dynamically and wholeheartedly, respecting my own boundaries. I will collaborate and share feedback openly to support the group, The Makery, and those I work with. I will practice making direct requests of each other, honoring each request with an honest response. I will practice assuming positive intent of each other. I will confront issues directly with open and honest questions, honoring criticism and conflict as sources of growth and spaces to build deeper community. I understand that we are building something new together, and that requires my creative ideas, as well as my patience and understanding. *
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I understand the following: (1) Mercury Studio carries Liability and Business Personal Property insurance for 401 W Geer Street, but cannot insure your items, as they will be owned by you until they are sold. (2) As a user, it is strongly suggested that you carry a Renters Insurance policy to cover your own property while using the space. If you already hold a renter's or homeowner's insurance policy, your items may already be covered or could be easily added. (3) The Makery is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. *
I understand that I commit to staffing one shift per week for 6 months in exchange for the following: •A waved fee for your booth or shelf space • Waived sales commission. • Business development support. *
I understand that The Makery will withhold 2.75% of my sales to account for Square credit card fees. *
I understand that I will receive a sales report for each month within the first seven days of the following month and a check for each month’s sales within the first 14 days of the following month. *
I understand that as a vendor I am responsible for regularly maintaining and updating my own display and merchandising, including clear signage and business cards and contributing to the greater good of the store through online/print promotion and/or hosting events at the store. *
I understand that as a The Makery vendor, I have access to The Makery as a shared work and meeting space, but that the rest of Mercury Studio's workspaces are reserved for coworking members unless in instances worked out with Katie ( *