Curriculum / Meeting Schedule

Each group meeting will be 1.5 hours long, with built-in time to complete each week’s homework. The format will be 25 minutes of discussion time, 40 minutes of “homework time” and 25 minutes of sharing and wrap-up discussion.


Week of Nov 1st:

    Residency begins!

Friday, Nov 4th:

    Meet and greet with Krista Anne, Katie + the Residents

    Train to staff the shop

Nov 4th - Weekend:

    Staffing shifts begin!

Nov 18th (Friday):

Schedule 1 on 1’s

  • Review completed ‘intake’ form

  • Set goals for residency

HOMEWORK: Attend Nov Market. Talk with makers--how did they start their line? What draws them to their products?

Dec 2nd (Friday):

    Group meeting: PRODUCT

  • Defining/refining product

    • Review thoughts from Nov market

    • Orchid Gene, Feather & Stone, Plum Umbrella, Riv Tak

    • How do you define your product line?

      • Are you building around a technique?

      • An item (utility, meaning)?

      • A feeling or lifestyle?

      • How much does it cost?

      • How long does it take you?

      • Where do you get your materials?

      • Bread & butter item

HOMEWORK: 1. Describe your product line. 2. Set-up product “experiment” to run during Xmas shopping




Dec 16th (Friday):

    Group meeting: BRANDING

  • The Makery -- Harriett Grace (old photos from website?), Kindred, startup scene

  • Where do you want your products sold?

  • Who buys them?

  • What are other people doing in that space?

  • What’s your visual aesthetic?

  • What does your merchandising/instagram/fb look like?

HOMEWORK: Pinterest board, list of instagram, websites, etc (people you like)



Dec 30th (Friday):


  • Photos

  • Packaging

  • Business cards

  • Social media

  • Where will you sell?

    • Markets, shops, online, etc.

    HOMEWORK: Create a “go to market” plan for your business



January + Beyond

Jan 13th (Friday):

    Schedule 1 on 1’s

    Brainstorm special projects


Jan 27th (Friday):

    Special project proposals due - 3 ideas


Feb 24th (Friday)

    Group check-in


March 24th (Friday)

    Group check-in


April 28th (Friday)

    FINAL Group check-in & 1 on 1’s